The incident with Vhong Navarro, what happened to him is pitiful and painful. I like Vhong as an artist, I really do, but it can’t be helped but think that what happened is probably called a lesson learned for all of them. Vhong is planning on cheating with the condo girl over his girlfriend. I pity his girlfriend more. Been invited inside the condo, twice? With wine, with possibilities of having intimate acts, if that didn’t happen, the whole ganging up thing, there is a huge chance that something will happen between the girl and Vhong. He’s had several girls, has kids with different mothers. All of these ruckus, people should never be involved with this.

Another thing, people are blaming GMA7. My goodness, can’t believe how close-minded people are. I don’t have anything to say to this matter. Just to cut this short, we shouldn’t concern ourselves over something so trivial.

Wooo! excited for Christmas! Who doesn’t? It’s about family, friends, loved ones and the Birth of Jesus! Let’s not forget the spirit of the season. Only a few days left and it’s time to feel the Christmas chill! Oh, I should probably finish our take home plate haha. cheers!

Since Christmas is near and most people are buying rushed gifts, they have a hard time deciding the perfect gift. Personally, I prefer to give gifts of their interests. Like if they are interested in vintage, antiques, reading, art, music, fashion, hady works and choosing buying a drill press vise or even if they like to collect action figures. Giving meaningful gifts or things that they actually like is the best solution. Not only they would be happy but you would feel relieved as well because you know they’ll use them and take care of them.

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