I miss those years where whenever Holy Week comes our family together with our cousins will visit different Churches especially in Tagaytay in which it wasn’t crowded and traffic then. It makes me reflect about life and we would bring food with us for the road since at the time there were only few restaurants open and sometimes when we were in Bicol, there was only one and they only serve tuna pasta. But now, we only visit 1-3 or sometimes only two Churches and the ones that are near the house. And the traffic is insane, restaurants are all open even the malls except on Good Friday. But still, in the past you won’t see any establishments open so you are obligated to bring food with you and picnic. I wish we could bring those times again next year.

The election is getting nearer as the heat in the Philippines is getting higher. I am still undecided who to vote. I have 2 candidates in mind and 2 candidates that I’m scared of winning. I just hope whatever the result of the votes are, it will be an honest, fair and what the country really needs. What we need is a leader who knows how to discipline the people. How to be honest with them. We need a leader who knows how to lead, someone who can understand the pain of the years with the reign of inconsiderate leaders who only care about money. I just hope that the next one to seat in the mansion will be who we are all been waiting for.

It’s the time of the year where people mostly go on a vacation in different places and alos travel to different churches to visit. The problem is the vehicle export rates but still, this won’t stop people from spending the Holy Week in dedication and respect. It is a nice thing to know that there are still a lot of Catholics that are devoted and very much active.

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