I am not really familiar with the DC thing and all that cause I don’t really follow comics except Archie and that ended a while ago haha. I just know some characters and I can’t even tell where they belong to. If they are from Marvel or DC haha. I just watch movies since I prefer watching them on screen live.


Honestly, I haven’t heard of Suicide Squad not unitl I learned that Jared Leto is playing Joker, that got me. For me as a non-DC reader the movie is okay and there are parts where they could’ve made it cooler not just so PG and all that. It’s not such an explosive film as much as I have expected it to be and maybe that’s why extreme fans of DC are disappointed with it. Although the movie itself is quite cool to watch.  I don’t recommend you guys to watch it on 3D cause that’s what we did and I am really annoyed since it really doesn’t need to be watched in 3D. Another thing that annoyed me and my friend is that Cara Delevigne is such a horrible actress at this. She may be an amateur in acting but girl, you should’ve taken it seriously since this is a huge film expected by lots of extreme DC fans for decades. She is one of the characters that has gotten a lot of mixed reactions from viewers. Robbie killed it with being Harley Quinn. She’s really convincing and even though I don’t really know Harley that much, I love Robbie’s acting skills. Maybe she should’ve given Cara ‘the talk and work’. Time to rate up the movie, I’d give it an 8/10.

Hi July and it’s another month of new beginnings. Well, who am I kidding, another month of work filled with stress and pain and doubts. To rest my mind over work, looking up at how to replace electric guitar strings so maybe it will become a sideline job for me. Jokes aside, I just wish I could get my hands on my dream keyboard. I just need to wait for the email of the supplier I contacted. I wish before the end of the year I could get my hands on it. But they told me if I with the order if available, I have to wait for another 6 months of delivery. Patience is a virtue.

So, YAMAH P-155B is my ultimate goal hopefully I could save enough and purchase within this year. The mqx is another one to consider in wishing for because it enhances the musician in me. I just wish I get to accomplish my goals within this year because I need to get back in my own element. Which is playing music and playing because it feels like it’s my own diary. I love the feeling of putting my emotions on my fingers and they just move. I miss playing regularly and learning new songs. I hope I get to have the chance to again. I just wish I get my hands on this particular keyboard.

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