One of my new year’s resolutions, is to practice more music. More sheets to master and to improve my piano skills. I was actually looking at different stores, inquiring keyboards. I guess it’s like looking for the cerwin vega at or other in demand products. I was actually looking for a certain brand with particular specifications and it’s hard in the country. Most products aren’t available here and customs suck. I hope this year I can attain my goals. Praying for the best.

Happy new year! I hope this 2017 will be a blast. I had a very challenging year ,2016, and I hope 2017 will be better, or best. Same with the years to come. hehe. Anyways, wishing you all a very happy new year!

So, BIGBANG released their last 3 songs for their full album MADE and this release feels so different. It is very emotional for us VIPs (Fandom name) to know that this will be the last release as a group because of their military enlistment. But, no group can ever beat them and come even close. I am positive they’ll have a big comeback after all of them are done with the military service. They built a name and family with fans so they will forever be legends. They are the pioneer and no matter what new groups can establish, they will never be where they are if it wasn’t for BIGBANG. Even if it take another 10 years before their full group comeback, people will still love them. They are the kind of group that will never be forgotten and will always be together even as solo artists. People and artists respect them. NOBODY can ever be like them no matter how hard they try

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