Well, 2016 is almost over and I still didn’t get my goal checked this year. Which is to buy a new digital keyboard so I can practice at night without interrupting people. But, I am having a positive view next year and hopefully, I would finally get my dream keyboard. Maybe matching microphone for recording but that will take a while. I just hope next year will be a better year for me cause this year has been full of stress and failures. I’m praying and hoping 2017 will be a great year, year of dreams, year of goals.

The election is getting nearer as the heat in the Philippines is getting higher. I am still undecided who to vote. I have 2 candidates in mind and 2 candidates that I’m scared of winning. I just hope whatever the result of the votes are, it will be an honest, fair and what the country really needs. What we need is a leader who knows how to discipline the people. How to be honest with them. We need a leader who knows how to lead, someone who can understand the pain of the years with the reign of inconsiderate leaders who only care about money. I just hope that the next one to seat in the mansion will be who we are all been waiting for.

Start of rainy days and the possible incoming of 3 storms in 1 week. I’m a pluviophile so I like the rain, the feeling during the rain and the calmness it brings. Reminds me of visiting  music supply store – Musicians Friend where you get to choose a suitable one for you. At least the storm isn’t like the strong ones before where suspensions of all levels including work were a must. The only concern is that in Manila, which isn’t exactly a surprise, is like a big pool during this season. And I don’t know why the government isn’t doing such a good job fixing the road and drainage. It’s been almost a week and students were suspended from going to school. Lucky them.

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