The election is getting nearer as the heat in the Philippines is getting higher. I am still undecided who to vote. I have 2 candidates in mind and 2 candidates that I’m scared of winning. I just hope whatever the result of the votes are, it will be an honest, fair and what the country really needs. What we need is a leader who knows how to discipline the people. How to be honest with them. We need a leader who knows how to lead, someone who can understand the pain of the years with the reign of inconsiderate leaders who only care about money. I just hope that the next one to seat in the mansion will be who we are all been waiting for.

So, we had our site visit to one of barangays in the Smokey Mountain. To be honest i was expecting differently. You know, mountains of garbages and all that, but it’s like a normal district full of informal settlers. We managed to interview some families, and another surprise is they are too nice to be living in the kind of place. Most of them were born and raised on the place, and even though they aren’t living as luxuriously and safely as they should’ve been, they seem contented with the place. The said that in the past, there are a lot of gangsters, killings and crimes happening in the area so it is super scary, but now everything changed with the help of NHA, gift of housing. Another reason in which they’ve joked about is, the gangsters grew up, became old and some are already dead. Inspite of their living condition, they seem to eat very satisfactory in which they are extremely thankful for. Meeting these families made me realized, they are so contented with what they have even if they don’t have much, they managed to eat 3 times a day and still they are happy enough to choose to continue living in the area rather than move out and find another safe place in another city.

Looks like the government doesn’t have any plans to help and change their future. From what we’ve heard from them as far as this day, no move or voice from the government has been felt. I wish this could be a signal for the government to act and help these families, not just this place, but also the others in different cities. They may seem contented and fine but, people need to be living in a SAFE environment for the future of their children as well. People have the right the live in a HEALTHY and HELPFUL place where they can go to school safely, and find opportunities for jobs. It’s time to reach out.

As a Filipino, here are my thoughts about the recent Election 2013. This year is said to be  one of the most peaceful election BUT, by far the most disappointing one indeed. Why oh why would people vote for someone who is inexperienced with politics?  I feel sorry for those candidates who studied for years about politics, laws and whatever that concerns in running a country and the people.  They lost to those who used only their names, their status in the society, and then they only plan to study politics and laws right after they’ve been elected. It’s like their decision was based right after they woke up, like they just thought of running for something. The problem with the Philippines is that CELEBRITIES ARE ALSO RUNNING FOR POLITICS. Just like what I had said earlier, they only plan on studying politics when they have been elected or a few months right before the election. This democratic country has been fooled by the promises of the candidates, the ones who are only good at talking. The very issue of Nancy Binay has become a concern not only for our country, but also other ones. Why did the people vote for someone who is inexperienced in politics and only influenced by her family? Why does it have to be this way? Election in the Philippines is always troublesome. Cheating accusations, vote buying issues, celebrities as candidates, and so much more to be worried about.


Another thing, Why do they have to proclaim the TOP 6 candidates for senators when the counting of votes is not even finished yet? For all we know the remaining millions of votes would change not only the ranking of the top 6, but also the entire ranking. In which the one who was in the 13th place may have entered the t0p 12. Isn’t it something to wonder about? Why did they make such decision in this kind of situation? So many ‘Why’s’ but the answers won’t be given anytime soon. This is how Philippines has been for years and considering what this year’s election had turned out, I only turn to God, may He continue to guide our country when even the leaders can’t do their job. And this is why Philippines and Politics are like oil and water, they can never get together.


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