Hi July and it’s another month of new beginnings. Well, who am I kidding, another month of work filled with stress and pain and doubts. To rest my mind over work, looking up at how to replace electric guitar strings so maybe it will become a sideline job for me. Jokes aside, I just wish I could get my hands on my dream keyboard. I just need to wait for the email of the supplier I contacted. I wish before the end of the year I could get my hands on it. But they told me if I with the order if available, I have to wait for another 6 months of delivery. Patience is a virtue.

So, tried to reach out to Yupangco if they have my dream keyboard. Yamaha P-155 or P-255. And as expected they don’t but can be provided by special order. They’ll just send a quotation for the price once they’ve confirmed of the stock from their supplier. But still I have no word from them. Sad. I wish they could inform me the price and the availability.

My long time goal, I wish I could earn enough savings for a YAMAHA P-155B or the mahogany P-155. Just looking at the picture when browsing the net makes me tear up. So beautiful. I want to play for hours without interruptions. I just hope I get to buy one within the year. HOPEFULLY. I just miss playing the piano. And the urge to play just seem so strong nowadays but I don’t have the time. People won’t appreciate getting bothered by me playing during the night until dawn if it were the case. I can just imagine holding my own P-155 or P155B. My long time goal.

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