It’s one of those days that I feel totally upset and I don’t even know why. I just feel so useless lately and unworthy. I just want to laze on my bed and just think. Not overthink, but just think about how I can plan my life, future. Maybe because at this point in life, I need to rethink things, need to gain as much confidence as possible to reach my goals and live life. I wish I could find that true motivation, inspiration to help me move and take action of my dreams.

Owning a musical instrument can be very demanding in terms of upgrade and necessary accessories. If you really want to enjoy your instrument, you give them your heart, mind and different accessories. With strings, particulary guitars and especially electric ones, they are often used since it is a very common thing to learn and play. They need hosa cables and spare strings, cap and pick and more. It makes every play worthwhile if you put your heart into it.

As I try to start a journey where it would lead me to happiness, I often trip over the bumps in the road because of all the negativities surrounding my optimistic thoughts. It’s so painful to believe the people who don’t deserve my trust. I am too gullible as most of my friends even family would say. I try to think of ways to be soft but alert with people’s intentions.  But, base from my experiences, it is so much better to try but fail than never trying and never knowing tbe other options. It oddly gives that feeling of satisfaction that you tried, you learned what lies ahead even if what the outcome is not what you thought it would’ve been. I’m just saying that never be afraid to take risks. It may not be now, but it will happen, your ideal path will reach you.

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