Music is so inspiring that when you study it livens your mind. Especially when you play an instrument, it’s like an escape from stress. You are like in another world in your mind. It lifts your spirits and reflects your feelings. Choosing your music is like choosing your life. Like having the fender american standard stratocaster available at Musicians Friend your wander through life and then something clicks. Playing musical instruments can also feed your soul. It’s a great feeling, making music than only just hearing it although it’s the same difference.

I miss those years where whenever Holy Week comes our family together with our cousins will visit different Churches especially in Tagaytay in which it wasn’t crowded and traffic then. It makes me reflect about life and we would bring food with us for the road since at the time there were only few restaurants open and sometimes when we were in Bicol, there was only one and they only serve tuna pasta. But now, we only visit 1-3 or sometimes only two Churches and the ones that are near the house. And the traffic is insane, restaurants are all open even the malls except on Good Friday. But still, in the past you won’t see any establishments open so you are obligated to bring food with you and picnic. I wish we could bring those times again next year.

So I decided to take a break from work. To ready myself for the future. I feel like I have been moving so fast that I can’t seem to see what my goals are. So I need to reset. I want to build myself first before building my dream career. And that’s what I’m going to do. This is year will be a year for myself. I’ve been thinking about what others will think too much and I forgot to think about what will make me happy. And so I want to redeem myself from last year’s mistakes and I will build up myself.

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