So I decided to take a break from work. To ready myself for the future. I feel like I have been moving so fast that I can’t seem to see what my goals are. So I need to reset. I want to build myself first before building my dream career. And that’s what I’m going to do. This is year will be a year for myself. I’ve been thinking about what others will think too much and I forgot to think about what will make me happy. And so I want to redeem myself from last year’s mistakes and I will build up myself.

Anybody in music just feels letting go? Playing is an escape, it’s like a diary of feelings and thoughts. You give your heart and still sharing your mind. Whenever I play music, I am lost in my own world. It’s so freeing, you feel that the instrument somehow understands you. I often play dramtic music, I guess I am too sentimental. That is why Musicians friend is a good place. You feel alive and the instruments are alive as well. It’s like they can understand you. That is why I love playing.

I am actually panicking. This year I am taking risks, and I am all over the place that I keep on messaging my friends over my thoughts. I’m probably so annoying right now but my mind’s full running with thoughts. I need to breathe, maybe it’ll help, or write it down like what I am doing right now.

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