A lot of music shops are credible and you can just choose where depending on the brand, type, unit and so on. The musicainsfriend is one of those that has a wide range of options to choose from. When looking for your dream instrument, you just need to give it time to learn what is best for your interest and yourself. It usually sets so high even the price. But sometimes high end ones can be found with mid-range of price. Canvassing your type of instrument is a must.

I am actually bummed with my work right now. I am so close of exploding and I need to suck it in and stay for a while longer cause I need to save up and reach my anniversary. It’s so hard to work at a place where you are not really happy, it makes work so dull and doing tasks half-heartedly since I am not really anjoying myself. They say it’s work, you don’t want it you are so ungrateful. But for me, can you imagine yourself working at a place and working on a job that you really dont love doing. What I don’t really like about it is that I can’t practice my field. I am like a puppet and they don’t care about what you feel. I am also annoyed at a lot of people who keeps on meddling and I don’t particularly like the client. But you have to suck it up cause who is paying you? I need to find my goals again and happiness to stay for years.

Last night, I read an article of what to do at 20′s and one of the lists says “Quit that job you hate. Job quitters are the happiest people.” I find this so true. I know I give up easily but it really is not the case with this, how can you stay if you are not really happy with what you are doing?  My advice to newly grad peeps, DON’T rush in finding a job, it takes time to look through what they could offer you. Choose experience over money and if both are offered then good for you. DON’T let office gossips get to you, never participate too especially if you are new. It only means to an end.

I’ve been having a hard time budgeting for a new keyboard. That’s why I am very particular with the price and quality. And then, I saw humidipak and from there I looked through the store and I saw different keyboards which offer lesser price from what I originally plan to buy. Sometimes you’d just look and look but never really find anything and then there it its. I would probably continue my canvass so I could really enjoy playing.

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